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Frequently asked questions regarding the Raw Fruit Festival.

We are trying to answer your questions as fast as possible. Below, you will find all the questions and answers available as of today.
Come back regularly for new updates.

    Who organize the festival?

    Are there limitations to the number of participants to the festival?

    What volunteer will be asked to do? How to become a volunteer?

    What connections are available there?

    What should I bring?

    I don’t have a tent, what can I do?

    What’s the weather like at that time of the year?

    How does the registration process work?

    How to become a member of PURAW?

    Can I bring a pet?

    Are there any housing in the area before and after the festival?

    How can we help you to get the word out about the festival?

    What’s on the menu?

    You cannot find the answers you are looking for?

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