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Feeling Generous? Check our causes you can support!
Please find below all the projects supported by the non profit organization PURAW. Those projects need your support. Thank you in advance for your participation.
All your donations are being processed by the secured payment servers at Paypal with a credit card, or by a wire transfer to the non profit organization PURAW bank account (contact us).
The non profit organization PURAW will make sure that all your donations will be used for the project of your choice only.
Thank you very much in advance for your generosity.

The Raw Fruit Festival,
the annual international raw vegan fruit based gathering in Europe.

Learn more about this ->
Mural project, to be realized for the 2016 Raw Fruit Festival

Learn more about this ->
Elena in Rio 2016!

Learn more about this ->

The Raw Fruit Festival,
the annual international raw vegan fruit based gathering in Europe.

The Raw Fruit Festival is an international rawfoods gathering being held every year in Andalusia. The Raw Fruit Festival is a space for sharing experience between the participants, with the best fruits Spain can offer truly ripe and from local producers, and where no speakers are invited to spread their words, but where everyone is invited to share! A place for everyone to feel comfortable.

The Raw Fruit Festival is a unique occasion for rawfooders and curious from all around the world to join in a pristine location, in Nature, to share and spread the word about a fruit based lifestyle.

Organizing such an event requires a lot of efforts year round from the organizers and the non profit organization PURAW behind the Festival. Until now the budget of the festival has been on a very tight string. A little help to ensure the financial stability of the Raw Fruit Festival would be very welcomed. This way, we would be sure the Raw Fruit Festival will thrive for years and years, and would be able to improve the equipments for the Festival.

Of course, the best way to support the Raw Fruit Festival is to come to the Festival, but if you cannot come, maybe you would like to consider donating to the Raw Fruit Festival.
Thank you for your support!

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Mural project, to be realized for the 2016 Raw Fruit Festival
The 2016 Raw Fruit Festival will offer the opportunity to realize a unique mural paint on the other wall of the bridge crossing the river next to the Festival site, in front of the mural painted in 2013.

This mural paint will be realized with the participation of local artists.

This project will be an opportunity to showcase a more natural and fruit based lifestyle to the local Spanish community as the mural will be located in a highly visited spot during the summer months: a great esthetic and artistic educational project!
But this project needs some financial support to finance all the equipment, insurance, paints required to realize this mural, for a total of 700Ç only. So we are reaching out to you to help us make it possible.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!
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Elena in Rio 2016!
The NPO PURAW would like to introduce Elena Congost Mohedano to you.
Elena is a Spanish paralimpic athlete, silver medal at the 2012 London Olympics in 1500m, Vice World Champion for Marathon in 2015. As of today, she holds 4 world records (3000pc, 5000m, 10.000m and half-marathon).
Elena was borned with an atrophy of the optic nerve and an eyesight of less than 10%. Still, she never stopped doing something she was found about despite of the difficulties and barriers to go over on the way. Dreaming and growing are her keys to fulfill her life.
Moreover, Elena follows a vegan diet, raw at 80%.
Without any doubt, Elena is a great athlete, full of positive energy, dedication and humility.
This year, Elena qualified for marathon and 1500m for the 2016 Rio Olympics! For her to participate in Rio 2016, PURAW has helped her with a 1000€ donation. Athletes like Elena are few, and PURAW believes she needs and deserves support from the community.
If you too you want to support Elena, you can click on the button below to get directly to her paypal page, or here to visit her page.
Thanks, and thumbs up Elena!
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