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PURAW - Raw Fruit Festival

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Here are a few advices on the 80/10/10 lifestyle.

Here are some guidelines for beginners to the 80/10/10 lifestyle.

First of all, we would like to precise that the macrio-nutrient ratio of 80% carbohydrates, 10% fats, 10% proteins has been recommended by sport nutritionist for decades. Performing athletes have been advised or naturally drawn to this ratio for improving their performances.

Now, by applying this athletic rule with a raw diet, not only you benefit from the performance enhancement experienced by most athletes, but also you benefit from a better cell function and regeneration, and your recovery is faster and more efficient. So you can train better with less exhaustion and risks from fatigue failure/injuries.

The 80/10/10 lifestyle is based on a simple idea: what is the best food for physical performance? Answer: carbohydrates. This lifestyle is centered around a frequent physical activity, and a nutrition full of raw carbohydrates and little fat. In summary, the calorie intake associated to this lifestyle should be 80% of carbohydrates with 10% proteins and 10% fats. In simple words, it comes down to eating mainly fresh fruits, with green leafy vegetables, associated with sports.

The total amount of calories per day is also important. Human metabolism burns carbohydrates more easily than fats. Therefore, it is important to consume enough calories per day to secure a complete nutritional intake. In average, it is advised to consume around 3000 calories per day depending on your activity level.

But human metabolism has cycles too during the day. So it is better to consume carbohydrates in the form of sweet fruits during the day to sustain your physical activities, and then in the evening give your body the proper fuel for a better recovery, in the form of greens and fats. While you consume carbohydrates, fruits, throughout the day, your body produces insulin, which inihibits the production of growth hormones. By consuming greens and fats in the evening, your body stops producing insulin and can start producing more efficiently growth hormones which are essential for a proper recovery. During your night sleep, with the proper fuel, your body can repair and grow more easily.

If your goal is to loose weigth, be aware that it is more efficient to loose weigth by exercising than by restricting calories. Your body will come out stronger and leaner!

For more information, come visit us at the festival.

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